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version 1.0 (4.26 KB) by Richard Hakim
Simple code for efficient calculation of online updates to moving or running variance and mean using Welford's method.


Updated 31 Dec 2020

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Simple code for efficient calculation of online updates to moving/rolling or running variance and mean using Welford's method.

The purpose of this script is to compute very fast rolling variances and means in a stepwise way. This allows for online processing of incoming data. It uses a recursive algorithm to calculate online updates to the current std and mean. It is also capable of calculating rolling variances and means.

User script must hold onto a rolling buffer of values, which must be done outside of this class. See the demo script for an example. Note: Future improvements to this code should involve including this rolling buffer within the object. I haven't figured out how to do efficient setting of large array values within objects in Matlab, yet. If you know how to do it, please get in touch or send me a pull request!

RUNNING (accumulating) vs. ROLLING (windowed): In order to use it as a running (accumulating from the first index) average or variance, just set win_size to be inf and vals_old to []. This method can be used to calculate normal variances and means of arrays that are too big to fit into memory (like on a GPU)!

ARBITRARY DIMENSIONS: This script allows for an arbitrary number of dimensions to be used, but the rolling dimension must be dim 1.

Rich Hakim 2020. Most of this code uses a version of Welford's algorithm and was adapted from some Python code I found here: and here: and here:

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Richard Hakim (2021). rolling-variance (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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