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Modified Regula Falsi Method

version 1.0.1 (2.22 KB) by Robby Ching
A modified version of the Regula Falsi method that generally enhances the convergence


Updated 30 Jun 2020

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It is a bracketing numerical method and modified or improved version of the Regula Falsi method. It enhances convergence to the true root by regulating the boundaries and ensuring not one initial-boundary would be stuck along the computational process. It plots the function to help the user decide the appropriate lower and upper boundaries and evaluates if a root is available between the chosen boundaries. It also asks the user which termination criterion to choose, whether be it a %relative error or number of iterations.

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Robby Ching (2021). Modified Regula Falsi Method (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Robby Ching

Hello! I suppose there is nothing new in the implementation of this modified Regular Falsi. I used the book "Numerical Methods for Engineers by Steven Chapra and Raymond Canale (6th ed.)" as my guide in programming this code. I just made a code that I hope is a more user-friendly one. Thank you!

Mohammad Rahmani

What is new in your implementation compared the one proposed by Cleve Mooler in his Matlab book?

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