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Bibtex to bibitem converter 1.10

version 1.50 (3.52 KB) by Suhail Najm Abdullah
A stable version of converting bibitems from BibTeX cited by google scholar or others.


Updated 30 May 2019

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This code is provided for the seek of editing. If you want to use the service you can you use the completed software as here:

Code notes:
Although, there is a way to convert the BibTeX into bibitem, but sometimes I feel annoying to do while you are working on specific style and mostly provide you some errors that need troubleshooting which really affecting the focus and continuity of work. Hence, this Matlab code is ready to convert the bibitems from BibTeX cited by google scholar or others relevant formats. Now, this version is the stable version.
* Instructions about how to use the function:

1. Save the BibTeX in text file and copy the path. (i.e. C:\Users\...\Desktop\BibTeX.txt)
2. Open matlab m-file as attached and run it, you will get error for the first time, but its okay.
3. Insert the BibTeX file path into the function as the following:
> bibtex2item("C:\Users\...\Desktop\BibTeX.txt") then hit enter ⬎
4. Have fun to use the same file for next reference.
for more instructions you may see video tutorials,

We are appreciating any suggestion or any services requests related to this code.
Please cite the work if you see it's helpful to encourage us to go through more features and optimization. Thank You.

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Suhail Najm Abdullah (2020). Bibtex to bibitem converter 1.10 (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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