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2D_Global_AL_Digita​l Image Correlation and Tracking

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AL-DIC(Augmented Lagrangian DIC) is a fast, parallel-computing DIC algorithm which also considers global kinematic compatibility.


Updated 14 Aug 2019

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AL-DIC is a fast, parallel-computing DIC algorithm, which combines advantages of Local Subset DIC (fast, compute in parallel) and Global DIC (guarantee kinematic compatibility).

For full details, and to use this code, please cite our paper:
Yang, J. and Bhattacharya, K. Exp.Mech. (2019) 59: 187.

or request full text from:

Here I list some benefits of AL-DIC algorithm:
• Fast algorithm using distributed parallel computing;
• Add global kinematic compatibility as a global constraint in the form of augmented Lagrangian, and implemented using Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers scheme;
• Correlate both displacement fields and affine deformation gradients at the same time;
• Don’t need much manual experience of choosing displacement smoothing filters.
• Work well with compressed DIC images and adaptive mesh. See our paper: Yang, J. & Bhattacharya, K. Exp Mech (2019).

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Yang, Jin. 2D_ALDIC. CaltechDATA, 2019, doi:10.22002/d1.1188.

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Yang, J. and Bhattacharya, K. Augmented Lagrangian Digital Image Correlation. Exp.Mech. 59: 187, 2018.

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Jin Yang

@Daheng Wei, Have you add all the subfolders ('./src', './plotfiles', ... ) to the matlab path?

Deheng WEI

Sorry to disturb you Dr. Yang. When I go to Section 2 of the 'main_ALDIC.m' after succeeding in Section 1, the error "Undefined function or variable 'ReadImage'." appears. How to solve it? Thank you.

Hao Zhou

Really good code, strongly recommend!




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1. Multi-frames image sequence can be loaded automatically. 2. We can Provide output deformation fields with original DIC grayscale images as the background. 3. ALDIC Subproblem 2 can handle both finite difference and finite element scheme.


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