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Communications Toolbox Library for the Bluetooth Protocol

Simulate, analyze, and test Bluetooth communications systems


Updated 18 Mar 2020

Communications Toolbox™ Library for the Bluetooth® Protocol provides standard-compliant functions and reference examples for the design, modeling, simulation, and testing of Bluetooth communications systems. The library supports modeling all layers of the Bluetooth stack, link-level simulation, network simulation, test waveform generation, over-the-air testing, and golden reference verification.

With the examples and reference designs of the library you can:

• Simulate and analyze BLE PHY layer
• Waveform generation & visualization
• Signal recovery & analysis
• End-to-end simulation
• Model, simulate and analyze Bluetooth protocol stack and network layer
• BLE channel selection algorithms
• BLE devices connection procedure
• BLE network co-existence with WLAN interference
• Applications such as Heart Rate Profile (HRP), with all layers of the stack
• Work with over-the-air signals using Pluto SDR hardware
• BLE signal transmission over a channel
• BLE signal capture over a channel
• Receiver operations to decode BLE signals

Opening the .mlpkginstall file from your operating system or from within MATLAB will initiate the installation process for this Add-on and acquire the latest version for the release you have.

This .mlpkginstall file is functional for R2019a and beyond.

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MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2019a
Compatible with R2019a to R2020a
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