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Two Neuron Simulator

version 1.0.4 (86.8 KB) by Christopher Harris
Simulate two spiking neurons and control their parameters in real-time with sliders


Updated 19 Dec 2018

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Brain simulation and neurorobotics will revolutionize neuroscience education provided there are user-friendly software tools to help non-experts develop a working understanding of computational neuroscience concepts. This Two Neuron Simulator runs a pair of connected artificial (Izhikevich) neurons in a continuous loop. A nice java trick (findjobj by Yair M. Altman) allows the parameters of each neuron to be changed smoothly in real-time with sliders. This immediate feedback helps create an intuitive sense of how the neurons work.

For the best experience, install the included Comic Book font :)

Comments, thoughts or questions? We would really like to hear your feedback. The Two Neuron Simulator is written and maintained by Christopher Harris, neurorobotics lead at Backyard Brains ( Backyard Brains is exploring new ways to use computational neuroscience and neurorobotics in education. If you would like to get involved, please send us a short intro and we'll get back to you. For more information about educational neurorobotics at Backyard Brains, see our Neurorobot Newsletter at

For more information about the Izhikevich neuron model, see

License to use and modify the Two Neuron Simulator code is granted freely to all interested as long as the original author is referenced and attributed as such.

In progress: pre-configured easy-to-apply settings that simulate different cortical neurons, educational resources

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