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Uniform shear model (Mann, 1994)

version 1.3 (292 KB) by E. Cheynet
Modelisation of the one-point spectra, co-spectra and coherence of turbulent wind


Updated 27 Mar 2019

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The computation of the one-point spectra, co-spectra and coherence of turbulent wind is conducted using the uniform-shear model from Mann (1994) [1]. The goal is to describe the spatial structure of stationary homogeneous turbulence under a neutral atmospheric stratification using only 3 adjustable parameters.
The present submission contains:
- The function MannTurb.m that computes the sheared spectral tensor
- The function MannCoherence that computes the wind co-coherence
- A LiveScript for the example file
- A data file GreatBeltSpectra.mat that contains the wind spectra from the Great belt bridge experiment for comparison with the computed spectra.
All credits go to [1] for the development of the uniform-shear model. I have only written the Matlab implementation following the description in [1]. This is the first version of the submission. Some bugs may still exist. Any question, comment or suggestion is warmly welcomed.

[1] Mann, J. (1994). The spatial structure of neutral atmospheric surface-layer turbulence. Journal of fluid mechanics, 273, 141-168.

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cg z




Added the quad coherence term in the function MannCoherence


Added the project website


- Minor modification in the example file


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