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Grid Connected PV Inverter

version (35.5 KB) by Niranjan Bhujel
This simulation shows integration of PV array to grid.


Updated 23 Mar 2018

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This simulation shows how PV array can be connected to grid via an inverter. First maximum power that can be extracted from PV is calculated from P & O algorithm. From the value of this power with loss power compensated and grid voltage, reference current is calculated. This calculated reference current is compared with actual current supplied by inverter and gate signals are generated so as to make actual supplied current within the band of reference current.
To stabilize DC bus voltage, DC voltage bus is compared with reference DC bus voltage. Error is passed to PI controller. Output of PI controller corresponds to the power that should be drawn from grid to maintain constant DC bus voltage. Difference of PV power and this power is supplied to grid.

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Benhurr J

Hi, how do you run this simulation for max power of 10KW, i changed the number of solar modules, but i keep getting algebraic loop error. Could you help for 10KW

Rico Buysse

Hello, is is possible to send me the Matlab code of this program. It will be really appreciated.

Pranesh J R

Hi, can you tell me what control algorithim you used for the inverter? Is it current controlled mode or voltage controled mode?

med chikh

Est ce que tu peux m'envoyer ce model sous le matlab 2016 , par ce que j'arrive pas a l'ouvrire et merci .


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Very good job

Est ce que tu peux m'envoyer ce model sous le matlab 2014 , par ce que j'arrive pas a l'ouvrire et merci .


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