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Parallel Computing Toolbox integration for MATLAB Distributed Computing Server with PBS

Submit jobs to MATLAB Distributed Computing Server with PBS



Installer file for Parallel Computing Toolbox integration for MATLAB Distributed Computing Server with PBS.
These example files enable users to submit jobs to MATLAB Distributed Computing Server with PBS compatible schedulers.
Once installed, further setup steps will need to be performed before the scheduler is ready to use.
For more information on setting up these schedulers, consult the README documentation within the installation.
For more information on the generic scheduler interface, go to:
Note: Paths within the README documentation take precedence over those within the generic scheduler documentation.

For more information on the Parallel Computing Toolbox, go to:

For more information on the MATLAB Distributed Computing Server, go to:

Opening the .mlpkginstall file from your operating system or from within MATLAB will initiate the installation process for the release you have.
This .mlpkginstall file is functional for R2015b and beyond.

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tangc (view profile)

validate job test got error:

2017-02-17 15:44:00 | Error returned was:
Undefined function 'func2str' for input arguments of type 'char'.

Error in parallel.internal.cluster.CJSSupport/getJobFromLocation (line 100)
variant = CJSSupport.variantFromCtorName( func2str( ctor ) );

Error in parallel.cluster.CJSCluster/hGetJobAndTaskFromLocations (line 367)
job = obj.Support.getJobFromLocation( obj, jobLoc );

Error in distcomp_evaluate_filetask_core>iSetupJobAndTaskOnRunProp (line 460)
[job, task] = sched.hGetJobAndTaskFromLocations( runprop.JobLocation, ...

Error in distcomp_evaluate_filetask_core>iSetup (line 544)
iSetupJobAndTaskOnRunProp(handlers, mdceDebugEnabled, outputWriterStack, isSyncTaskEvaluation, root, runprop, sched);

Error in distcomp_evaluate_filetask_core (line 25)
runprop = iSetup(handlers, mdceDebugEnabled, outputWriterStack, isSyncTaskEvaluation, varargin);


tangc (view profile)

Mark Leary


MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2015b
Compatible with R2015b to R2018a
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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