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Inverted Pendulum Control

version (38.3 KB) by Rick Hill
Animation of inverted pendulum LQR control system


Updated 18 Mar 2013

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This app was developed as part of web-based control system tutorials available at:

The purpose of this app is to allow the user to view an animation of the Inverted Pendulum system with the step response plot. This allows the user to see the correlation between the plot and the system's physical response.

The animation and the app are based on the Inverted Pendulum - State-Space Controller Design page of the tutorials:

A state-feedback approach was used because we can easily return the cart position and pendulum angle as well as their respective velocities. For more information on the system model please refer to the Inverted Pendulum - System Modeling page of the tutorials:

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Rick Hill (2021). Inverted Pendulum Control (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Marcin Rybacki

Mohsin Ali

amin ta

add => "warning('off','MATLAB:hg:EraseModeIgnored');" in invgui.m file in "MATLAB\Add-Ons\Apps\InvertedPendulumControl\code" to stop warning related to "The EraseMode property is no longer supported "

harish kuppam


Ajay Dusa

Dear Sir,
I am working on a project of controlling an Inverted Pendulum using Matlab.I saw your post regarding it.It's just great.But when I try to run your code of GUI animation it's showing me an error

??? function varargout = inv_pend_ani(varargin)
Error: Function definitions are not permitted in this context.

The code for your Output Graphs is working just fine.Only I got an issue in your GUI animation

Christian Galicia

ankur sarmah

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