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QUADCC is a robust, doubly-adaptive quadrature routine using Clenshaw-Curtis rules.


Updated 06 Mar 2012

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This is a Matlab implementation of "Algorithm 3" as described in "Increasing the Reliability of Adaptive Quadrature Using Explicit Interpolants", P. Gonnet, ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 37 (3), art. no. 26, 2010.

The algorithm features an extremely robust error estimate based on computing the underlying interpolation polynomial of the quadrature rule explicitly. It can also deal with non-numerical values in the interval and attempts to detect divergent integrals.

The file TESTSUITE runs a number of benchmarks from the TOMS paper comparing QUADCC to the Matlab integrators QUAD, QUADL, QUADGK and the recently added INTEGRAL. The output can be visualized by compiling the LaTeX file "justdata.tex" in the same directory as the output of TESTSUITE. The file "justdata.pdf" contains a sample run.

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Added a testsuite program to generate comparison results against the Matlab integrators as well as a LaTeX file to visualize them.

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