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gaussian mix fit of multiple connected ellipses

version (4.22 KB) by Georg D
processes image data containing connected ellipses. we try to fit a gaussian mixture to ellipses.


Updated 22 Jul 2011

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the pixels in an image are weighted with their intensity. we try to fit a pre-defined number of connected (partially overlapping) ellipses onto this image, using from matlab's statistics toolbox.
i used this to separate ellipse-shaped objects (with a size of ~20 to 30 pixels per object) in a movie, when they come too close to simply 'blob' them apart.

see descriptions in exampleFindEllipses.m (example function) and fitMixGauss.m (the actual fitting function)

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Han Lei

Gaussian mixture modelling is a good way to model the multi-connected ellipse.


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