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Line clipping

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Line clipping by Cyrus Beck algorithm


Updated 18 Feb 2010

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Clips a line inside a view port according to Cyrus beck algorithm.

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Chandan Kumar (2020). Line clipping (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Good stuff, all working. It's also been a nice basis for the development of a 3D cyrus-beck lineclipping function.


Thank you, Mr. Edmonds it seems you were right about the origin of error. I took the liberty to make changes in the code.

Needs fixing, see comment.

There appears to be a mistake in this code, sorry. Its quite clear if the following data is entered at the prompt:
[0 0.1 1 1.9]
[0.2 0.2 0.8 0.8]
I suggest its related to the max/min lines. I suggest that you evaluate which t are valid for entering the view port and then eveluate which is the max entering t and min entering t from each set of valid t for each. Also parallel lines should be checked too or risk div0.


Value of parameter "t" has been updated in line 18 and 19. I believe it was reverse in the order which earlier lead to the wrong results.

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