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OFDM High Power Amplifier Effects

version (135 KB) by Hamid Ramezani
The mfile shows the harmful effects of high amplifier on the ofdm signals.


Updated 01 Apr 2016

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The Matlab code investigates the harmful effects of high power amplifier on ofdm signals. It is imagined that the amplifier destroy the amplitude of the transmitted signal due to saturation and has no effect on the signal phase. The model is acceptable for solid state amplifier to some extend.

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Hamid Ramezani (2021). OFDM High Power Amplifier Effects (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (13)

Ibrahim Fatungase

you also have to download the communications toolbox

Phillip Pace

even with randint changed to "randi" code does not work.

Faizan Saeed

Zahed Hossain

You have to bring the range of generated as the first parameter of randi(). That is you have to replace randi(N-numOfZeros,numOfSym,M) with randi((M,N-numOfZeros,numOfSym). Also you have to change randi(M,N-numOfZeros,numOfSym) to randi([0 M-1],N-numOfZeros,numOfSym) as qammod() function does not take index from 1, rather from 0.

Ze Li

hello,I can't run this code in matlab R2017b even if I changed the function randint to randi, can you help me?


hi, can u send me the code matlab of OFDM that u used ?


Please provide any information regarding RF push-pull amplifier matlab simulation.


hi , how can w include the input power back off effects on OFDM can you suggest some sugegestions

Swee-Ann Teo

it's an awesome piece of work, but could u extend it to include AM-PM?

b walsh

Peter chang

Verygood!!!! Thanks for the sharing!!! Your code is always good for simulation

f bakhtiari

Hello every body pease replace the code num2str(N) with num2str(N*GI) in line 161

kali doss


it's very useful for ofdm researcher.....
make it use...

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