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StructDyn 2018

version 2018.0.1 (9.56 MB) by Thomas Abrahamsson
A program for structural dynamics analysis. Eigenvalue, transient and frequency response calculation. Focus on frame structures.


Updated 21 Nov 2018

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A program for structural dynamics analysis of forced harmonic and transient motion or eigencalculation.
It is driven by an input file (a number of examples are given) and includes a postprocessor. It mainly targets framed structures and its unique feature is that it may solve the structure's differential equations exactly without assumed shapes as in ordinary FEM. Users can add their own elements, and an example (a generic Gyuan component) is provided. It has many features inherited from a Fortran program, named SFVIBAT-DAMP, developed in the 1980's and 1990's. The documentation describing the theory, input file syntax and commented examples comes with the distribution. A HTML file, StructDyn.html, briefly describes its use and give a short example.

The program output is also a state-space representation of the structural system that may be used for structural control purpose or others.

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Matt Lopz

Excellent Work!



Faster animation. Installs as APP.


Made it work for recent versions of Matlab

In version v2006b: Bugfix. Cable elements, follower forces and multipliers for pole paths are new features. Fuller set of documentation.

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