Problem 921. REPMAT Enhancement - Faster for Large Row Replication of Vector

Solution 730847

Submitted on 8 Sep 2015 by Peng Liu
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
%% feval(@assignin,'caller','score',0);

2   Pass
%% % Testing for standard repmat capability a=magic(5); M=randi(4); N=randi(8); assert(isequal(repmat(a,M,N),repmatLV(a,M,N))); a=5; M=randi(10); N=randi(10); assert(isequal(repmat(a,M,N),repmatLV(a,M,N))); a=5; M=randi(10); N=1; assert(isequal(repmat(a,M,N),repmatLV(a,M,N))); a=4; M=1; N=randi(10); assert(isequal(repmat(a,M,N),repmatLV(a,M,N))); a=magic(8); M=2; N=2; assert(isequal(repmat(a,M,N),repmatLV(a,M,N)));

3   Pass
%% M=1024; N=1; n=48; r=randi(255,1,n,'uint8'); %r=double(r); for i=1:5 % Routine warm-up r_repmatLV=repmatLV(r,M,N); end clear r_repmatLV P1=false; P2=false; P3=false;P4=false; M=6144000; N=4; n=12; r=randi(2^31,1,n,'uint32'); ta=clock; r_repmatLV=repmatLV(r,M,N); t1=etime(clock,ta)*1000; P1=isequal(r(1,12),r_repmatLV(M,n*N)); P2=isequal(r(1,12),r_repmatLV(randi(10000),36)); assert(P1 && P2 && ~ P3 && ~P4) clear r_repmatLV P1=false; P2=false; P3=false;P4=false; M=6144000; N=16; n=12; r=randi(255,1,n,'uint8'); tb=clock; r_repmatLV=repmatLV(r,M,N); t2=etime(clock,tb)*1000; P2=isequal(r(1,12),r_repmatLV(M,n*N)); assert(P2 && ~P1 && ~ P3 && ~P4) clear r_repmatLV P1=false; P2=false; P3=false;P4=false; M=6144000; N=1; n=48; r=randi(2^31,1,n,'uint32'); tc=clock; r_repmatLV=repmatLV(r,M,N); t3=etime(clock,tc)*1000; P3=isequal(r(1,1),r_repmatLV(M,1)); assert(P3 && ~P1 && ~ P2 && ~P4) clear r_repmatLV P1=false; P2=false; P3=false;P4=false; M=12288000; N=1; n=48; r=randi(255,1,n,'uint8'); td=clock; r_repmatLV=repmatLV(r,M,N); t4=etime(clock,td)*1000; P4=isequal(r(1,48),r_repmatLV(1000000,48)); assert(P4 && ~P3 && ~ P2 && ~P1) clear r_repmatLV % This checks for sub-optimal column processing P1=false; P2=false; P3=false;P4=false; M=64; N=1; n=4000000; r=randi(255,1,n,'uint8'); te=clock; r_repmatLV=repmatLV(r,M,N); t5=etime(clock,te)*1000; P5=isequal(r(1,n),r_repmatLV(M,n)); assert(P5) feval(@assignin,'caller','score',0); if P5 sum_dt=min(15000,t1+t2+t3+t4+t5); % repmat scores 12000 feval(@assignin,'caller','score',floor(sum_dt)); end fprintf('Times: %.0f %.0f %.0f %.0f %.0f Total %.0f msec\n',t1,t2,t3,t4,t5,t1+t2+t3+t4+t5)

Times: 1864 1568 1609 809 511 Total 6362 msec

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