Solution 291173

Submitted on 28 Jul 2013
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
%% % Cody External accessibility % This file may need to change in the future in_f=''; out_f='PVPLC.pdf'; urlwrite(in_f,out_f); fid=fopen(out_f); urlwrite_out=fread(fid,128,'*uint8'); % Display Correct Binary Data urlwrite_out(1:16)' block=urlread(in_f); % Display invalid binary data urlread_out=block(1:16)-char(0) % unicode urlread conversion affects bytes 12 thru 15 n=12 byte_val = access_web_pdf(in_f,n) byte_correct=181; assert(isequal(byte_val,byte_correct))

Error: Assertion failed.