Problem 44313. "Cody" * 5 == "CodyCodyCodyCodyCody"

Solution 1293137

Submitted on 17 Oct 2017 by Reggie Wilcox
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass

2   Pass
assert(isequal("cody" * 5, "codycodycodycodycody"))

str = "cody" n = 5 y = "cody" y = "codycody" y = "codycodycody" y = "codycodycodycody" y = "codycodycodycodycody"

3   Pass
assert(isequal("cody" * 5, "cody" * 2 + "cody" * 3))

str = "cody" n = 5 y = "cody" y = "codycody" y = "codycodycody" y = "codycodycodycody" y = "codycodycodycodycody" str = "cody" n = 2 y = "cody" y = "codycody" str = "cody" n = 3 y = "cody" y = "codycody" y = "codycodycody"

4   Pass
assert(isequal(" Cody is fun! Cody is fun! Cody is fun!", 3 * " Cody is fun!"))

str = " Cody is fun!" n = 3 y = " Cody is fun!" y = " Cody is fun! Cody is fun!" y = " Cody is fun! Cody is fun! Cody is fun!"

5   Pass
assert(isequal(" Cody 5-Year Anniversary! Cody 5-Year Anniversary!", " Cody 5-Year Anniversary!" * 2))

str = " Cody 5-Year Anniversary!" n = 2 y = " Cody 5-Year Anniversary!" y = " Cody 5-Year Anniversary! Cody 5-Year Anniversary!"

6   Pass
x = ["Cody";"matlab";"Simulink";"@Mathworks"] + (5:5:randi([1000,5000])); assert(isequal(x*2,x+x)) assert(isequal(x*3,x+x+x)) assert(isequal(5*x,x+x+x+x+x)) assert(isequal(101*x,x+100*x))

str = 4×596 string array Columns 1 through 10 "Cody5" "Cody10" "Cody15" "Cody20" "Cody25" "Cody30" "Cody35" "Cody40" "Cody45" "Cody50" "matlab5" "matlab10" "matlab15" "matlab20" "matlab25" "matlab30" "matlab35" "matlab40" "matlab45" "matlab50" "Simulink5" "Simulink10" "Simulink15" "Simulink20" "Simulink25" "Simulink30" "Simulink35" "Simulink40" "Simulink45" "Simulink50" "@Mathworks5" "@Mathworks10" "@Mathworks15" "@Mathworks20" "@Mathworks25" "@Mathworks30" "@Mathworks35" "@Mathworks40" "@Mathworks45" "@Mathworks50" Columns 11 through 19 "Cody55" "Cody60" "Cody65" "Cody70" "Cody75" "Cody80" "Cody85" "Cody90" "Cody95" "matlab55" "matlab60" "matlab65" "matlab70" "matlab75" "matlab80" "matlab85" "matlab90" "matlab95" "Simulink55" "Simulink60" "Simulink65" "Simulink70" "Simulink75" "Simulink80" "Simulink85" "Simulink90" "Simulink95" "@Mathworks55" "@Mathworks60" "@Mathworks65" "@Mathworks70" "@Mathworks75" "@Mathworks80" "@Mathworks85" "@Mathworks90" "@Mathworks95" Columns 20 through 28 "Cody100" "Cody105" "Cody110" "Cody115" "Cody120" "Cody125" "Cody130" "Cody135" "Cody140" "matlab100" "matlab105" "matlab110" "matlab115" "matlab120" "matlab125" "matlab130" "matlab135" "matlab140" "Simulink100" "Simulink105" "Simulink110" "Simulink115" "Simulink120" "Simulink125" "Simulink130" "Simulink135" "Simulink140" "@Mathworks100" "@Mathworks105" "@Mathworks110" "@Mathworks115" "@Mathworks120" "@Mathworks125" "@Mathworks130" "@Mathworks135" "@Mathworks140" Columns 29 through 37 "Cody145" "Cody150" "Cody155" "Cody160" "Cody165" "Cody170" "Cody175" "Cody180" "Cody185" "matlab145" "matlab150" "matlab155" "matlab160" "matlab165" "matlab170" "matlab175" "matlab180" "matlab185" "Simulink145" "Simulink150" "Simulink155" "Simulink160" "Simulink165" "Simulink170" "Simulink175" "Simulink180" "Simulink185" "@Mathworks145" "@Mathworks150" "@Mathworks155" "@Mathworks160" "@Mathworks165" "@Mathworks170" "@Mathworks175" "@Mathworks180" "@Mathworks185" Columns 38 through 46 "Cody190" "Cody195" "Cody200" "Cody205" "Cody210" "Cody215" "Cody220" "Cody225" "Cody230" "matlab190" "matlab195" "matlab200" "matlab205" "matlab210" "matlab215" "matlab220" "matlab225" "matlab230" "Simulink190" "Simulink195" "Simulink200" "Simulink205" "Simulink210" "Simulink215" "Simulink220" "Simulink225" "Simulink230" "@Mathworks190" "@Mathworks195" "@Mathworks200" "@Mathworks205" "@Mathworks210" "@Mathworks215" "@Mathworks220" "@Mathworks225" "@Mathworks230" Columns 47 through 55 "Cody235" "Cody240" "Cody245" "Cody250" "Cody255" "Cody260" "Cody265" "Cody270" "Cody275" "matlab235" "matlab240" "matlab245" "matlab250" "matlab255" "matlab260" "matlab265" "matlab270" "matlab275" "Simulink235" "Simulink240" "Simulink245" "Simulink250" "Simulink255" "Simulink260" "Simulink265" "Simulink270" "Simulink275" "@Mathworks235" "@Mathworks240" "@Mathworks245" "@Mathworks250" "@Mathworks255" "@Mathworks260" "@Mathworks265" "@Mathworks270" "@Mathworks275" Columns 56 through 64 "Cody280" "Cody285" "Cody290" "Cody295" "Cody300" "Cody305" "Cody310" "Cody315" "Cody320" "matlab280" "matlab285" "matlab290" "matlab295" "matlab300" "matlab305" "matlab310" "matlab315" "matlab320" "Simulink280" "Simulink285" "Simulink290" "Simulink295" "Simulink300" "Simulink305" "Simulink310" "Simulink315" "Simulink320" "@Mathworks280" "@Mathworks285" "@Mathworks290" "@Mathworks295" "@Mathworks300" "@Mathworks305" "@Mathworks310" "@Mathworks315" "@Mathworks320" Columns 65 through 73 "Cody325" "Cody330" "Cody335" "Cody340" "Cody345" "Cody350" "Cody355" "Cody360" "Cody365" "matlab325" "matlab330" "matlab335" "matlab340" "matlab345" "matlab350" "matlab355" "matlab360" "matlab365" "Simulink325" "Simulink330" "Simulink335" "Simulink340" "Simulink345" "Simulink350" "Simulink355" "Simulink360" "Simulink365" "@Mathworks325" "@Mathworks330" "@Mathworks335" "@Mathworks340" "@Mathworks345" "@Mathworks350" "@Mathworks355" "@Mathworks360" "@Mathworks365" Columns 74 through 82 "Cody370" "Cody375" "Cody380" "Cody385" "Cody390" "Cody395" "Cody400" "Cody405" "Cody410" "matlab370" "matlab375" "matlab380" "matlab385" "matlab390" "matlab395" "matlab400" "matlab405" "matlab410" "Simulink370" "Simulink375" "Simulink380" "Simulink385" "Simulink390" "Simulink395" "Simulink400" "Simulink405" "Simulink410" "@Mathworks370" "@Mathworks375" "@Mathworks380" "@Mathworks385" "@Mathworks390" "@Mathworks395" "@Mathworks400" "@Mathworks405" "@Mathworks410" Columns 83 through 91 "Cody415" "Cody420" "Cody425" "Cody430" "Cody435" "Cody440" "Cody445" "Cody450" "Cody455" "matlab415" "matlab420" "matlab425" "matlab430" "matlab435" "matlab440" "matlab445" "matlab450" "matlab455" "Simulink415" "Simulink420" "Simulink425" "Simulink430" "Simulink435" "Simulink440" "Simulink445" "Simulink450" "Simulink455" "@Mathworks415" "@Mathworks420" "@Mathworks425" "@Mathworks430" "@Mathworks435" "@Mathworks440" "@Mathworks445" "@Mathworks450" "@Mathworks455" Columns 92 through 100 "Cody460" "Cody465" "Cody470" "Cody475" "Cody480" "Cody485" "Cody490" "Cody495" "Cody500" "matlab460" "matlab465" "matlab470" "matlab475" "matlab480" "matlab485" "matlab490" "matlab495" "matlab500" "Simulink460" "Simulink465" "Simulink470" "Simulink475" "Simulink480" "Simulink485" "Simulink490" "Simulink495" "Simulink500" "@Mathworks460" "@Mathworks465" "@Mathworks470" "@Mathworks475" "@Mathworks480" "@Mathworks485" "@Mathworks490" "@Mathworks495" "@Mathworks500" Columns 101 through 109 "Cody505" "Cody510" "Cody515" "Cody520" "Cody525" "Cody530" "Cody535" "Cody540" "Cody545" "matlab505" "matlab510" "matlab515" "matlab520" "matlab525" "matlab530" "matlab535" "matlab540" "matlab545" "Simulink505" "Simulink510" "Simulink515" "Simulink520" "Simulink525" "Simulink530" "Simulink535" "Simulink540" "Simulink545" "@Mathworks505" "@Mathworks510" "@Mathworks515" "@Mathworks520" "@Mathworks525" "@Mathworks530" "@Mathworks535" "@Mathworks540" "@Mathworks545" Columns 110 through 118 "Cody550" "Cody555" "Cody560" "Cody565" "Cody570" "Cody575" "Cody580" "Cody585" "Cody590" "matlab550" "matlab555" "matlab560" "matlab565" "matlab570" "matlab575" "matlab580" "matlab585" "matlab590" "Simulink550" "Simulink555" "Simulink560" "Simulink565" "Simulink570" "Simulink575" "Simulink580" "Simulink585" "Simulink590" "@Mathworks550" "@Mathworks555" "@Mathworks560" "@Mathworks565" "@Mathworks570" "@Mathworks575" "@Mathworks580" "@Mathworks585" "@Mathworks590" Columns 119 through 127 "Cody595" "Cody600" "Cody605" "Cody610" "Cody615" "Cody620" "Cody625" "Cody630" "Cody635" "matlab595" "matlab600" "matlab605" "matlab610" "matlab615" "matlab620" "matlab625" "matlab630" "matlab635" "Simulink595" "Simulink600" "Simulink605" "Simulink610" "Simulink615" "Simulink620" "Simulink625" "Simulink630" "Simulink635" "@Mathworks595" "@Mathworks600" "@Mathworks605" "@Mathworks610" "@Mathworks615" "@Mathworks620" "@Mathworks625" "@Mathwo...

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