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Submitted on 17 Jan 2019 by Burak Bayram
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
s1 = 'The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain'; s2 = 'The in falls mainly on the '; assert(strcmp(remAin(s1),s2));

splt = 1×9 cell array {'The'} {'rain'} {'in'} {'Spain'} {'falls'} {'mainly'} {'on'} {'the'} {'plain'}

2   Pass
s1 = 'The pain from my migraine makes me complain'; s2 = 'The from my migraine makes me '; assert(strcmp(remAin(s1),s2));

splt = 1×8 cell array {'The'} {'pain'} {'from'} {'my'} {'migraine'} {'makes'} {'me'} {'complain'}

3   Pass
s1 = 'I had to explain that "ain" is not a word'; s2 = 'I had to that "" is not a word'; assert(strcmp(remAin(s1),s2));

splt = 1×10 cell array {'I'} {'had'} {'to'} {'explain'} {'that'} {'ain'} {'is'} {'not'} {'a'} {'word'}

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