Problem 2907. Collaborative Fun : Nomination

Solution 573826

Submitted on 4 Feb 2015
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
lines=textread('nomination.m','%s'); id_own=str2num(regexp(lines{end},'\d+','match','once')); x=uint64(nomination()); if x == uint64(id_own) assignin('caller','score',-1); error('Funny! You tried to nominate yourself!') end assignin('caller','score',x); problem=2907; html=urlread(sprintf('',problem,id_own)); n=numel(regexpi(html,'solution \d+')); if n < 1 error('Sorry. You are nominated by none.'); end %_______ url = sprintf('',x); html = urlread(url); c = regexp(html,'h1.+h1','match'); name = c{1}(4:end-4); s = sprintf('____________________\n\nYou have nominated %s !!!',name); disp(s)

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