Problem 1631. Criss-Cross: NHL - Optimize Matrix Size

Solution 2525417

Submitted on 12 Jun 2020
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass

2   Fail
dict={'avalanche' 'bluejackets' 'blackhawks' 'blues' 'bruins' 'canadiens' 'canucks' 'capitals' 'coyotes' 'devils' 'ducks' 'flames' 'flyers' 'hurricanes' 'islanders' 'jets' 'kings' 'lightning' 'mapleleafs' 'oilers' 'panthers' 'penguins' 'predators' 'rangers' 'redwings' 'sabres' 'senators' 'sharks' 'stars' 'wild'}; t1 = cputime; H=criss_cross(dict) fprintf('Elapsed Time %.2f\n',cputime-t1) fprintf('size of H %i %i\n',size(H)); score=prod(size(H)); % if valid % Perform Validation : words a=H; % Ned's gridWords = {}; for i = 1:2 a = a'; for j = 1:size(a,1) tk = regexp(a(j,:),'(\w\w+)','tokens'); gridWords = [gridWords tk]; end end dictFound = cell(length(gridWords),1); for i = 1:length(gridWords) dictFound{i} = gridWords{i}{1}; end dictFound = sort(dictFound); dictGiven = sort(dict); assert(isequal(dictGiven,dictFound),sprintf('Invalid/Missing words')) % Perform Validation: Connected Achar=H; m= (Achar-96); m(m>0)=Inf; % expand m and encircle with 0 [nr, nc]=size(m); m=[zeros(nr,1) m zeros(nr,1)]; m=[zeros(1,nc+2); m; zeros(1,nc+2)]; nr=size(m,1); off_vec=[-1 1 -nr nr]; % Initialize start location ptr=find(m==Inf,1,'first'); curval=1; m(ptr)=curval; while ~isempty(ptr) % adjacent expansion search sequence curval=curval+1; Moff_vec=repmat(ptr,1,4)+repmat(off_vec,size(ptr,1),1); m(Moff_vec)=min(curval*ones(size(Moff_vec)), m(Moff_vec)); ptr=find(m==curval); end invalid=any(m(:)==Inf); % Any unconnected from start point will be Inf assert(~invalid,sprintf('Not fully connected')) Hscore=numel(H); feval(@assignin,'caller','score',Hscore);

Undefined function 'criss_cross' for input arguments of type 'cell'. Error in Test2 (line 33) H=criss_cross(dict)

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