Problem 1336. Geometry: Find Circle given 3 Non-Colinear Points

Solution 1142812

Submitted on 21 Mar 2017 by Marco Castelli
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
for tests=1:5 xc_truth=randn; yc_truth=randn; r_truth=rand; rand_ang=randi(360,3,1)+rand(3,1); % Avoid duplicate location via rand(3,1) pts=[xc_truth+r_truth*cosd(rand_ang) yc_truth+r_truth*sind(rand_ang)]; [xc,yc,r]=find_circle(pts); %dif=[xc yc r]-[xc_truth yc_truth r_truth] assert(max(abs([xc,yc,r]-[xc_truth,yc_truth,r_truth]))<1e-6,... sprintf('Expect xc %.2f yc %.2f r %.2f Ans:%.2f %.2f %.2f',... xc_truth,yc_truth,r_truth,xc,yc,r)) end

r = 0.6247 r = 0.8584 r = 0.7393 r = 0.4600 r = 0.3828