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Dennis Gimlin submitted a Comment to Problem 42676. Histogram of histogram

I've tried multiple schemes, some are faster than histc, but not fast enough. Hint?

on 4 Sep 2020

Dennis Gimlin submitted a Comment to Solution 2758042

After pulling my hair out, I have a couple of suggestions. The problem is to find the 'best estimate,' which I and many others attempting this problem took to be the mean expected value, the solution sought after historically. It's actually asking for the most likely single value. I suggest editing the problem description to make that clear. I now see that the most likely value will always be m. In the process, I discovered that some of the test cases violate the assumptions of the problem, cases where the maximum value observed is less than the number of samples. I would correct this for the sake of those who don't immediately realize that the most likely single value will always be the maximum value observed. The lack of clarity and problems with the test cases caused me to waste a good deal of time.

on 30 Jul 2020

Dennis Gimlin submitted a Comment to Problem 597. The Birthday Phenomenon

Instruction is to round, but correct answers are truncated (.9703 vs .9704)

on 24 Jul 2020

Dennis Gimlin received Magic Numbers Master badge

on 22 Jul 2020

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