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plz help how can use go to in MATLAB

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eman baky
eman baky on 30 Jul 2021
Edited: eman baky on 24 Aug 2021
i wrote this code
Truth_Taple_mapping = {'T' '0' '0' 'G' '0' '0' 'G'}
dna_stego={'ATG' 'TCG' 'ATC' 'TTC' 'ACC' 'CCC' 'ACC' 'AAC' 'CAG' 'ACC'}
for m=1:numel(Truth_Taple_mapping)
if (Truth_Taple_mapping{m}~=0)
num=get_codon(dna_stego{count}); % n1
dna_stego{count}=temp ;
% goto n1
Truth_Taple_mapping = {'T' '0' '0' 'G' '0' '0' 'G'},dna_stego={'ATG' 'TCG' 'ATC' 'TTC' 'ACC' 'CCC' 'ACC' 'AAC' 'CAG' 'ACC'}
TCG,TCC,ACC,CCC that can be change
i try to replace the third char in each cell in dna_stego with Truth_Taple_mapping if not equal zero and dna_stego can be changed
TCG,TCC,ACC,CCC and i used get_codon function to determiate that return 1 if it can be change and 0 if not
the output must be { 'ATG' 'TCT' 'ATC' 'TTC' 'ACG' 'CCC' 'ACC' 'AAC' 'CAG' 'ACG'}
and try but i cant do it
Rik on 30 Jul 2021
@eman baky Please don't flag other questions if you're just asking for help. Flags are to attract the attention of site admins.

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Answers (2)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Jul 2021
MATLAB itself does not have a GO TO, and never will.
Simulink diagrams sort of have a GO TO but it does not affect flow of control and is instead just a way to be able to name a signal and bring the signal to an arbitrary point by name.
I believe that Simscape diagrams can have GO TO.
However, I do not see anywhere in the code where a GO TO would be used even if GO TO existed??

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DGM on 30 Jul 2021
I'm going to guess that the nonzero content of the "truth taple mapping" vector is supposed to correspond to the locations where the prefix of dna_stego matches amino_acid, in other words elements 2,5, and 10. If that's the case, it's not the right length, and the elements aren't even in the right locations.
The last sequence in dna_stego can't be changed, given the existing description of intended behavior. Either it's wrong or amino_acid is missing AT. I am going to choose to change it to ACC.
% this is probably unnecessarily fragile due to the required index
% correspondence, but i don't know the meaning of these operations
TTmap = {'0' 'T' '0' '0' 'G' '0' '0' '0' '0' 'G'};
dna_stego={'ATG' 'TCG' 'ATC' 'TTC' 'ACC' 'CCC' 'ACC' 'AAC' 'CAG' 'ACC'};
amino_acid={'CG' 'GG' 'TC' 'CC' 'AC' 'GC' 'CT' 'GT'};
% this works so long as all sequences are the same length
dna_stego_out = vertcat(dna_stego{:});
ttnonzero = ~strcmp(TTmap,'0').';
aamatches = ismember(dna_stego_out(:,1:2),amino_acid);
dna_stego_out(ttnonzero & aamatches,3) = [TTmap{ttnonzero}];
dna_stego_out = num2cell(dna_stego_out,2).'
dna_stego_out = 1×10 cell array
{'ATG'} {'TCT'} {'ATC'} {'TTC'} {'ACG'} {'CCC'} {'ACC'} {'AAC'} {'CAG'} {'ACG'}
My suspicion is that TTmap is something that's supposed to be calculated in-process, otherwise its very existence implies that you already know exactly which sequences in TTmap are going to be changed. If that's already been determined, why are we doing it again?
eman baky
eman baky on 24 Aug 2021
There is no relationship between them. This is part of the code hiding data in DNA TTmap is sequence includes data and I wanna put them in dna_stego but under condition
if 0 I will change not
if not equal 0 I will check dna_stego if will change or not if allowed I will change the third char with TTmap
for checking dna_stego I used function return 0 if not and 1 if allowed
but here I wrote what can change by compare dna_stego with amino_acid if dna_stego second and third character is a member in amino_acid it allowed
amino_acid={'CG' 'GG' 'TC' 'CC' 'AC' 'GC' 'CT' 'GT'};

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