Is there a way to use "SizeChangedFcn" with "Resize" and "AutoResizeChildren" properties on?

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Peter Valent
Peter Valent on 10 Jul 2021
Answered: Pavan Guntha on 30 Jul 2021
I have a simple app in appdesigner. I have enabled both "Resize" and "AutoResizeChildren" options. Everytime the app is resized I also would like to run a simple function which corrects the position of a text in plot. However, the "SizeChangedFcn" of the figure cannot be used with these settings. Is there anything I could use to substitute the "SizeChangedFcn" functionality? Something with listeners?

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Pavan Guntha
Pavan Guntha on 30 Jul 2021
Hi Peter,
Please follow the instructions in the following MATLAB Answers page:
Hope this helps!




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