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How I can detection column indexes of string 'rn_mill_tonnage' (n=1,2,3,4....)

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I want to use the folloing code to automatic detection column indexes of 'rn_mill_tonnage'(n=1,2,3,4,...n)
For example, run the following code, if the num=1, then the column index of r1_mill_tonnage' is 9 (i.e. col_ind_rn=9)
However, then the num >1, like num=2, we should get the column indexes of r1 and r2 (i.e col_ind_rn=[9,11]) if running the code, but the point is I can only get the column index of r2 (i.e. col_ind_rn=11)
Therefore, how to fix the code and get multiple column indexes of ‘rn_mill_tonnage' when num>1?
Thanks in advance for help!
%% 5.Automatic detection column indexes of 'rn_mill_tonnage'(n=1,2,3,4,...n)
STR = cell(1,num);%create cell to store multiplr strings
counter_str = 1;
for k = 1 : num
STR{k} = sprintf('r%d_mill_tonnage',k);
col_ind_rn = find(string(G_Value.Properties...
.VariableNames(1: size(G_Value,2))) == STR{k});

Accepted Answer

Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick on 12 Jun 2021
C = {'X','Y','Z','size(X)','size(Y)','size(Z)','volume','r1_cu_mill_grade','r1_mill_tonnage','r2_cu_mill_grade','r2_mill_tonnage'};
V = str2double(regexp(C,'(?<=^r)\d+(?=_mill_tonnage$)','once','match'))
V = 1×11
NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN 1 NaN 2
ans = 9
ans = 1×2
9 11

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