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how can we read and show CT scan files on MATLAB GUI

Asked by Muhammad on 12 Aug 2013
Hi Everybody
hope you all are enjoying good health. i took CT of a phantom and files are created in the form of .egsphant. theses are 127X127 with 55 slices. i mean i have 55 files, every file contains 127 rows and 127 columns. 127 rows and 127 columns make one image. i want to show them in MATLAB GUI. i wana open the file and using slider wanan show one by one. any help will be greatly appreciated.


There are a variety of Matlab GUIs that have been created for exactly this purpose. This search on the File Exchange found several. Try a few, and see what you prefer.
I do not recognize .egsphant as being DICOM files.

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