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How to convert an array of type single to a datastore compatible for CNN

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Basu Sau
Basu Sau on 27 May 2021
After performing some operations, I have a reached to a point where I get a "single" type of array, A of size 10x100.I would like to train my CNN classifier on this data with the respective classset, B of size 10x1(double).
But I notice that (thorough the error messages I get) CNN is accepting a datastore rathar than a single type of data.
My query is is it possible to make a datastore from A and B. I have seen few examples of datastore in documentation. Yet, I failed to grab the idea wholelly. As far as I understand I need a transform function (as per the examples). But here, in my case, what should be that transform function?
Can you please advise me how could I convert A with B a datastore?

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