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How can i read and show multiple DICOM images of CT in GUI MATLAB

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Muhammad on 23 Jul 2013
Hi All
i have 299 DICOM images of CT.these DICOM imges are in folder. i can read and show one image at a time using this code.
'D3D_open_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)'
'handles.output = hObject;'
'[fn pn] = uigetfile('*.dcm','select dcm file');'
'complete = strcat(pn,fn);'
'I = dicomread(complete);'
'guidata(hObject, handles);'
but i want to read all DICOM images into GUI. i want to open the menu editor, menu editor will be used just to browse the file and display all images in Axis and by clicking slider i wanna get new image one by one in GUI MATLAB.


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Accepted Answer

Amith Kamath
Amith Kamath on 19 Aug 2013


Muhammad on 19 Aug 2013
Hello thanks. i tried but i am unable to watch this video. would you please tell me how can i start learning about GUI? please give some good tips.
regards isa

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