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How do I make accurately proportioned axes?

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Hi, so I am trying to plot four contour plots on one figure (subplot).
I want the first one to be the entire domain, the second to be zoomed into something, the third zoomed into something else, the fourth zoomed into something else. So far, I have all my plots on the same figure, but I need them to have proportional axes.
hold on
% a) Entire domain
title('Mach Subplot 1: Entire Domain')
% b) zoomed in on the air foil
% axis([0 1 0 1])
title('Mach Subplot 2: Air Foil')
xlabel('Chord length')
% c) leading edge
title('Mach Subplot 3: Leading Edge')
xlabel('Chord length')
% d) trailing edge
title('Mach Subplot 4: Trailing edge')
xlabel('Chord length')
axis equal
caxis([0 2])
hold off
This is my code I hope someone can help me (: thank you!

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Apr 2021
You could linkprop the axes DataAspectRatio property, if it is a matter of getting the units to have the same ratios .
However if it is a matter of having each of the axes have the same visual ratio, then you would do something like putting each of the axes into a different uipanel, and linkprop the Position; or perhaps you could work with the PlotBoxAspectRatio; see

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Ashlianne Sharma
Ashlianne Sharma on 8 Apr 2021
nevermind, someone told me to just do the proportions by hand and use xlim and ylim. but if you can find me a better way, I would love that.

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