picking numbers with specific difference in matlab

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I have a data set...like say CAD from 212 to 550 say with a differnce of 1 and have corresponing SA values to these CAD values
But I want to pick numbers at a specific distance and in a specific sequence ..like 212,212.3,212.7,213,213.3,213.7.....so that later on i can interpolate the SA values on these CAD values.
How can i do that!! if there was single difference between numbers that would be simple as i did here picking data with a differenc of 0.5:
CAD= data(:,1);
SA= data(:,2);
vq = interp1 (CAD, SA, CADQ);
here i was able to pick 212,212.5,213,213.5....and was able to interpolate SA on these CAD values.
now how can i do that..picking CAD data in the sequence 212,212.3,212.7,213,213.3,213.7,214,214.3.....
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Rik on 15 Mar 2021
I don't understand your question well enough to answer it, but it sounds as if ismember will be helpful.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 15 Mar 2021
One way is to take advantage of implicit expansion.
x = 212:215;
y = [0; 0.3; 0.7];
z = reshape(x+y, 1, [])
z = 1×12
212.0000 212.3000 212.7000 213.0000 213.3000 213.7000 214.0000 214.3000 214.7000 215.0000 215.3000 215.7000
Usama Bin Khalid
Usama Bin Khalid on 15 Mar 2021
Yes it worked perfectly...so we can use this code to interpolate any repetitive values....Thanks

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