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keeping original size of image when using imagesc

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Mara Fries
Mara Fries on 28 Nov 2020
Commented: Mara Fries on 29 Nov 2020
I'm programming a GUI and trying to show an image using imagesc. The GUI should be able to show images of different sizes. I put axes with a specific size in there but it's more of a placeholder - I'd like to change its size depending on the size of the image being displayed.
So for example I'm having the figure window with a rectangular shape but want to show a squared image without it being streched to fit the window, I hope I got my problem across. It does work when im using imshow, then the image keeps its original size automatically, but it doesn't when I'm using imagesc to display the image.


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Accepted Answer

M.Many on 28 Nov 2020
Hi, you can use
axis image
to keep the ratio 1 to 1
I hope this helps

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Mara Fries
Mara Fries on 29 Nov 2020
Yes, that works, thank you so much for the quick help!

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