Classification of many vectors of the same length

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Henrik on 13 Feb 2013
Hi, I have 6000 datasets in shape of vectors (300x1 for each vector). Every vector represent how an electricity customer consumes electricity over time.
I want to make different customer profiles (around 10) and vectors with similar properties should be placed in the same profile. I.e households and factories shouldn´t be in the same profile.
Is there any good way to do this in Matlab?
// Henrik
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José-Luis on 13 Feb 2013
There are plenty of ways. The answer however depends on how you define similar. You could consider the Euclidean distances for instance. Defining similarity is not a Matlab question though. Is this homework? What have you tried so far?

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laurie on 13 Feb 2013
you could add one column/line at the beginning or end of each of the 6000 vectors you have that would take a value from 1 to 10 representing "customer profile" (eg. 1 for household, 2 for factory, etc.)
or you could have a structure that would be like this : clients.profile='household'

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