How to break down three phase pulses into single phase for gate pulses?

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Mark on 7 Feb 2013
Answered: Joel Van Sickel on 11 Dec 2020
I have a gate signal controlled with PWM which is used on the gate of an IGBT converter block. There are six pulses in all. The model which is simulating the connection of a wind turbine to the grid with full size converter works fine. Only problem is I believe the grid side converter block is causing a lot of low frequency harmonics on my output current signal.
To try and eliminate this I want to replace the IBGT converter block with an approximate controlled current source and three controlled voltage sources. I need to use the three gate signals for each phase for maths operations to approximate the converter.
So my question is how can I break the gate pulse signal into 3 seperate pulses, one for each phase? I have tried demux but it isn't working for me. This is probably a real easy fix.
Mark on 7 Feb 2013
i need to approximate the output voltage of the converter where:
Va = ga * Vdc, Vb = gb * Vdc, Vc = gc * Vdc
ga,gb,gc are the gate pulses for each phase. But at the minute they are combined in one signal which i was sending to the igbt converter block. I need them seperated to do the operation above I hope this makes it a bit clearer what I am trying to do and thanks for you reply!

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Answers (1)

Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 11 Dec 2020
Hello Mark,
sorry for this being too late for you. Use mux and demux blocks to access combined signals. You can also use selector blocks for this.

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