How to scale the axes for root locus?

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John Doe
John Doe on 2 Aug 2020
Hello everyone. I am trying to use the command rlocfind to find a gain value.
axis([-22 3 -15 15])
sgrid(zeta, Wn)
[K poles] = rlocfind(num,den);
The code output is :
I can easily pick a point greater than 1.8 with the cursor here.
axis([-22 3 -15 15])
[Kp poles]=rlocfind(numo,deno)
The code output is :
In this portion, I cannot even see where is my point of 1.8. What I sense is, the axis scaling is wrong here, that is why it is not showing up. Is there any way or command so that the graphs will be squeezed like the first output automatically without any axis scaling? I do not want to manually set all these axis scaling values and seems like a hassle to me.
Any solution? Thanks in advance!

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