How to generate time dependent exponential terms in Simulink?

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John Doe
John Doe on 1 Aug 2020
Answered: Roger J on 1 Aug 2020
I would like to deploy a exp(-2*t) function in Simulink where t is the simulation run time.
How can I make this block? thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

Roger J
Roger J on 1 Aug 2020
I did it with a "Matlab function" which you can add to the simulink diagram like any other element.
When you double click the "Matlab function" the matlab editor opens, and you can use the following:
function y = fcn(u)
y = exp(-2*u);
Next I tied a "Ramp source" to the "Matlab function" input, and it works nicely.
If this is what you want please mark this as the answer.

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