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Control the output power of the generator when connected to a infinite grid

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Mikael on 29 Nov 2012
Answered: Joel Van Sickel on 11 Dec 2020
I'm trying to build a power system with a generating unit with constant voltage and a varying output power. The system is connected to a infinite grid. But nothing happens to the output no mater what I write in the output power field in the generator unit. Instead the generator produces the power needed for the losses in the system. Probably somthing is wrong with my infinite bus.
But when I try to connect my system to a normal load I still can't control the output power. Instead the size of the load decides the power needed.
The system is built in simulink with simpowersystems and can be view here:
Below is the code running the system where Pg is the varying output power
clear all close all clc
%% Defining parameters
%Generator parameters Pg = [0:1000:500e3]; %[W] Vg = 0.69e3; %[kVrms,l-l] fg = 50; %[Hz]
%Calc snubber in diode rectifier in deep green Pn = 0.5e6;%nominal power of single or three phase converter (VA) Vn =Vdg; %nominal line-to-line AC voltage (Vrms) f = 50;%fundamental frequency (Hz) Ts = 1e-5;%sample time (s)
Cs = Pn/(1000*(2*pi*f)*Vn^2)*0.9; Rs = 2*Ts/Cs*1.1;
% Call solver using panel settings, i.e Variable-step %********************************************************************** Tstart=0; % Starting time for the simulation [s] Tstop=0.4; % End time for the simulation [s]

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 11 Dec 2020
This sounds like an issue with your control algorithm and how the generator is interacting with it's connections. It is likely keeping a specific line voltage, which determines power. You can increase this value to increase the power, or change the control algorithm to track power instead of voltage.


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