passing in variables in the nonlcon function in fmincon

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Michelle on 5 Nov 2012
For my constraint function, I need to pass in a variable that is not a parameter to be optimized. This variable is constantly changing because fmincon is in its for loop. I need this variable to carry out the constraint. I can't find any documentation to help me. The line of code to be altered is:
[X(i,:), negForceDisturbance(i), EXITFLAG(i)] = fmincon(@(X) collisionDetectionOptimizationfmincon(X,Sarrus_Link_Length(i)), X0(i,:), [] ,[] ,[], [], LB, UB,mycon(X,Sarrus_Link_Length), options)
mycon(X,Sarrus_Link_Length) is not correct though. X is the array of parameters and Sarrus_Link_Length is the variable that is always changing but is need in the constraint file.
DO you know what type of syntax I need?

Answers (1)

Matt J
Matt J on 5 Nov 2012
Wouldn't you pass Sarrus_Link_Length(i) the same way as you did to collisionDetectionOptimizationfmincon?
@(X) mycon(X,Sarrus_Link_Length(i))


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