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Calculating the product of the elements in a certain range of an array?

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Anna on 10 Apr 2011
I have the following problem:
In my study i need to calculate a lot of returns on portfolios of different sizes, and i haven't managed to find a function that would allow for range-specific multiplication.
In other words i've only found functions that calculate the product of all the elements in an array whereas i would need the product of the elements between rows x and y in column z.
I would be really really grateful for your help!


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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 10 Apr 2011
m is your array
x=2; %start row
y=4; %end row
z=3; %column
prod(m(x:y,z)) %compute the product
[1 2 3
x->4 5 6
7 8 9
y->10 11 12]
So the returned value will be 6*9*12=648


Anna on 11 Apr 2011
Oh I can define the range in prod. Thank you so much for the help!
Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 11 Apr 2011
I added one example and change the variable names for the ones in your original question, I hope you understand now how it works.

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