Need to compare two excel and extract the mismatch data

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Pratik Yadav
Pratik Yadav on 9 Mar 2020
Commented: Pratik Yadav on 9 Mar 2020
I have excel Conatant_Sheet1 in that I have two coloumns like signal name and the conatant value.
I have excel 2 name Constant_sheet2 in that again the same data but count is mismatched.
Suppose if in sheet1 we have 10 conatants then there will be 8 conatnts in sheet2 I need to comapre these names along with the values and extarct the names of the signals which are having the differences.
I have attached two sample excel sheets here. Expected results will be like the mismatched data
as Conatant You is added in the sheet2 and value of conatant Barak_obama is chnaged so this is again one mismatch
I want this two misamtched signal names along with their values in the output( whereever in new excel or in matlab variable ..any possible ways)
Mismatched data :
Barak_Obama 4
You 5
Thanks in Advance .... !!!!
Pratik Yadav
Pratik Yadav on 9 Mar 2020
I didnt prepared any code. But I serached that it can be done with the help of spreadsheet comapre. So can we trigger spreadsheet compare software through matlab,just like we can trigger excel though matlab

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