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How to approach Fourier Coefficients?

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James Adams
James Adams on 2 Mar 2020
Commented: Adam on 2 Mar 2020
Hey all,
I am currently doing this task for my coursework, but I am currently struggling on how to approach this task.
This task looks at the Fourier transform and how the Fourier coefficients are calculated using three approaches. You must not use the symbolic toolbox for this task
a. Calculate Fourier coefficients for a simple signal using the cos and sin representation, as an exponential series, and using the Matlab FFT, explain your method and show that they produce the same outputs
b. Time how fast these calculations are, you may need to repeat the calculations many times to make this accurate / reliable. Comment on the relative speed of the methods.
Any approaches welcomed.
Thank you

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Adam on 2 Mar 2020
doc fft
tells you about the Matlab FFT.
A google search will quickly lead you to the sine and cosine formula for the FFT (which may also be given in the Matlab help, I don't remember).
doc timeit
will help with timing, or
doc toc
if you want something less accurate, but slightly simpler to use.

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