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Why do I get an error about a missing target data map file, although I am using XCP external mode?

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I am trying to run my application using XCP-based external mode. However, I see the following error message about a non-existing "model_targ_data_map" file when I try to connect to the target:
>> set_param(modelname, 'SimulationMode', 'external');
>> set_param(modelname, 'SimulationCommand', 'connect');
Could not execute target data map file 'myModel_myTarget_rtw\myModel_targ_data_map' or it does not exist.
Stop the target, delete the myModel executable, rebuild the code, and try again.
Note that execution of external mode requires the build directory to be present

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 13 Feb 2020
XCP-based External Mode does not generate a target data map file. Therefore, we suspect that the the default setup of the External Mode transport layer was modified and the current values are incorrect.
Please type from the MATLAB console the following commands:
>> idx = get_param(modelName, 'ExtModeTransport')
>> cs = getActiveConfigSet(modelName)
>> [transport, mexfile, interface] = Simulink.ExtMode.Transports.getExtModeTransport(cs, idx)
In order to run XCP-based External Mode, you should see the following output:
>> [transport, mexfile, interface] = Simulink.ExtMode.Transports.getExtModeTransport(cs, idx)
transport =
mexfile =
interface =
'Level2 - Open'


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