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How do I re-start a Simulink for Android app on my phone without re-connecting to Simulink via USB or Bluetooth?

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I recently installed the Simulink Support Package for Android devices and I have been able to deploy an app from Simulink.
How can I launch the same standalone app again later without having to be connected to Simulink?
I can do that on my phone as long as I still have the app in recent app history, but I don't know where to find it if it has been swiped from the app history.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 13 Feb 2020
After loading the model onto the phone from Simulink, the Simulink model is already installed as an app on the phone. The app's APK file has the same name as the Simulink model. You may locate it by browsing apps on the phone.
The default APK directory for recent versions of Android is /data/app/directory. You will have to be rooted on the device to view/access those locations.
When you deploy the model to the device, Simulink is creating the APK file as part of the code generation process. To generate code without loading the model to the phone, select the following option from Model Configuration parameters : Hardware Implementation -> Build options -> 'Build'. This is opposed to the default 'Build, Load, and Run' option.
After that, generate code (ctrl+B) and the APK file will be created in the folder:
If you want to install the app without using Simulink, or install it to any other phone, you can copy this APK from the host computer directly to the Android file system, then install and use it like any other app. You may have to change one of your phone's settings to allow 3rd party APKs to be installed.
The following article may be of some assistance regarding installing 3rd party apps for Android:


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