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3 different Matlab licenses suddenly requesting deactivation...

Asked by Rob Ennis on 1 Oct 2019
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on 1 Oct 2019
Hi there,
in our department, we have a few different licenses for different purposes. Suddenly, three different machines, each using a different one of these licenses, has displayed a message saying that the licenses are no longer valid for these systems and they should be deactivated. In one case, we think it is because we accidentally installed the license on one more machine than is allowed (i.e., the license is only meant for four machines and we accidentally installed it on a fifth. See note below for extra confusing details). In the other cases, this message was completely unexpected and we are unsure about the cause, as the licenses were just reactivated two months ago and everything is paid and valid according to the Matlab webpage.
For extra confusing details, in the case where we accidentally installed one too many copies of a license, we found that three of the machines on that license now request deactivation, but the fourth does not and of course the fifth, where the accidental extra installation occurred, does not request deactivation. This is unclear to us, because why does the fourth remain okay? Maybe the deactivation request and the accidental extra installation are unrelated?
Many thanks for any help on this issue,

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