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Index in position 1 exceeds array bounds (must not exceed 995)

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Adamu Halilu Jabire
Adamu Halilu Jabire on 29 Sep 2019
Commented: Walter Roberson on 16 Feb 2020
I am trying to plot a TARC and CCL of my MIMO antenna but am getting this errors
Index in position 1 exceeds array bounds (must not exceed 995).
Error in TARC (line 23)
Below is the code
S11=dlmread('Mode 1 S11.txt','',2,0);
S12=dlmread('Mode 1 S12.txt','',2,0);
S21=dlmread('Mode 1 S21.txt','',2,0);
S22=dlmread('Mode 1 S22.txt','',2,0);
na = length (S11);
n = length (theta);
Ta = zeros (na,n+1);
Ta(:,1) = freq;
Taa(:,1) = freq;
for i = 1 : n
th = theta (i);
for j = 1 : na
% if the value of Aa is read from a .txt file (db), you would need to
% convert it to s2p. format (i.e magnitude) as follows;
Ta(j,i+1) = sqrt(((abs(S11a+S12a.*exp(complex(0,1)*th)))^2 + ...
Taa(j,i+1) = 20*log10(Ta(j,i+1));% Converting values back to db
% Ta(j,i+1) = sqrt(((abs(Aa(j,2)+Aa(j,6).*exp(complex(0,1)*th)))^2 + ...
% (abs(Aa(j,8)+Aa(j,4).*exp(complex(0,1)*th)))^2))/sqrt(2);
% Taa(j,i+1) = 20*log10(Ta(j,i+1));% Converting values to db
% Ta(:,i+1) = sqrt(((abs(S11(:,2)+S12(:,2)*exp(1i*th(i)))).^2 + ...
% (abs(S21(:,2)+S22(:,2)*exp(1i*th(i)))).^2))/sqrt(2);

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Sep 2019
na = length (S11);
length() is defined as 0 if the object has any dimension of size 0, and otherwise length is defined as the largest dimension. If a file had 1000 columns and 995 rows, then its length() would be 1000, and trying to iterate to that row number would be a failure.
You should only use length() with something you know to be empty or scalar or a vector; otherwise you should use size() with the appropriate dimension number.
KALYAN ACHARJYA on 29 Sep 2019
Walter sir comment goes here
"Specify the column offset as 0 (I think it reads the 1 column only), as 0,0 offsets read the first element only."
No, notice the documentation says "starts reading".
Row offset 2 means that it skips two header lines before trying to read numeric data. Column offset 0 means it skips 0 columns out of each line.
There is no problem with those lines, provided that the user really does have exactly two header lines to skip.

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Adamu Halilu Jabire
Adamu Halilu Jabire on 29 Sep 2019
Thank you very much mr walter Roberson i got it and the plot is ok
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Feb 2020
If you had asked a new Question when I had suggested two weeks ago, possibly you would have had a response by now. People are not expecting discussion of that topic in this Question about index out of range.

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Kolangiammal  S
Kolangiammal S on 3 Feb 2020
Dear sir, Good evening. I am working in UWB antenna design. In that I need to plot the following plots use MATLAB code...getting S parameter and different parameters from cst tool.if u have any idea kindly share 1.Envelope correlate coefficient capacity loss ( CCL) 3.mean effective gain 4.multiplexing efficiency Thanks in advance

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