How to generate Publication quality( for conferences/Journals) figures in MATLAB?

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Hello everyone. This is a general query. How can I generate 'high-res' figures in MATLAB that can be used for publication (Conferences/Journals)?
I previously found this package export_fig, but I am confused how to use this even after reading their README section. The instructions seemed vague to me.
If you have any idea how to use this package, please kindly answer with an example. Or if you know any other techniques to generate high-res figures in MATLAB, kindly share.
Thank you!
dpb on 21 Sep 2019
Well, if it did work it would have overwritten your m-file. The filename expected is the output file you want created from the figure for the output of export_fig
As far as the error, try
export_fig 'wave.png'
which should create a PNG format output file.
If you still get an internal error of the above ilk it would appear something went wrong in the download/installation process that not all components got decompressed.
I infer export_fig creates the file output type from the file may have been the (unexpected I'm sure) .m extension that triggered the error. But, as noted, I don't have it installed here so I can't readily test.
Another thought what may have gone wrong. Did you run the function file wave to create the figure on the screen before calling export_fig? Not having done definitely wouldn't work; it (export_fig, that is) doesn't call the m-file to create the figure, your job is to have already done that part and have the figure on the screen. It just, as the name says, exports that figure to an external file in a specific format.

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Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 23 Sep 2019
In the File menu go to print preview - from there you can set a number of different behaviours of matlab's print. Then print your figure with:
filename = goodone-01.eps
That should give you a decent eps-file where the plot is in a vector-graphics format, it works for most cases except where you use transparency.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Sep 2019

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