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Show signal progression synchronized with Mechanics Explorer time

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mkoh on 12 Sep 2019
Commented: mkoh on 7 Jun 2021
I have built a Simscape 3D model of a robot in Simulink that i use to visually verify collision avoidance of trajectories. The Mechanics Explorer is very useful for that. However, for a more detailed investigation of the trajectory, I would like to view the corresponding axis signals synchronously with the simulation time of the Mechanics explorer. Is there any functionality, that would allow me to do that? Maybe a way to acess the simulation time of the explorer to create a corresponding scope or plot?
Any help or suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 5 Jun 2021
Hi mkoh - through R2021a, this could only be done by using Simulink simulation pacing, which would synchonize the production of the simulation results with the animation. This would not, however, let you do this in post processing. We know this would be very useful and are working on making that possible.
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mkoh on 7 Jun 2021
Thanks for the answer and the hint. The simulation pacing is unfortunately not that useful for my use case. But I am looking forward to a dedicated feature in a future MATLAB release.

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