What Is A Scalar String?

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Jay on 24 Jun 2019
Commented: Jay on 24 Jun 2019
Can someone please tell me what is meant by "scalar string object"?
I am finding it difficult to understand how a string can be a scalar (to me, scalars represent a multiplier?).
I have searched the MathWorks Documentation (Define String Scalar Inputs [states how to define a string scalar but not what one is]) and still can not wrap my head around what is meant.
Does the "Scalar String" defintion mean single elements comprising of multiple strings, for example:
A (1,1) = "Todays Date Is June 24th, 2019" as a string
A (1,1) = "Todays" "Date" "Is" "June" "24th," "2019" as a scalar string object
or am I completely off the mark?
Jay on 24 Jun 2019
Thank you David and Walter for further explaining what a Scalar String means.

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