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How to extract data from array of [1 x 3] dimension using demux or other simulink block? I want to use this data for fuzzy obstacle avoidance controller as shown in figure.

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ZAHID RANA on 16 Apr 2019
I am gettting this error on runnning simulation. Demux cannot handle variable size data. What block should be used instead of demux or any other solution of this problem?
"Simulink cannot propagate the variable-size mode from the output port 1 of 'dynamicModelPID/Object Detector' to the input port 1 of 'dynamicModelPID/Demux'. This input port expects a fixed-size mode. Examine the configuration of 'dynamicModelPID/Demux' for one of the following scenarios: 1) the block does not support variable-size signals; 2) the block supports variable-size signals but needs to be configured for them".
I want to use this data from object detector that is in array format dimension [1 x 3]for fuzzy obstacle avoidance controller.
mobile robot model.PNG


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