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How to resolve the error "Grader sent no response"?

Asked by Rakesh Kumar Pati on 10 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by ibrahim saad on 27 Jun 2019
When I try submitiing my codes in COURSERA, I am getting the error: "Grader sent no response".
Please help me to resolve the issue
I am using MATLAB R2012b. Please find the attached image.
ThanksGrader sent no response error.JPG

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Did it ever work for you? Your MATLAB is fairly old and problems because of that would not surprise me.

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2 Answers

Answer by Cris LaPierre
on 10 Apr 2019

As part of the Machine Learning course, you are granted access to MATLAB Online for free. Try submitting there. It will work.


Is there any solution to fix it with ordinary MATLAB and not using MATLAB online?
I have exactly the same problem and i want to know what is it about.
and BTW I am using MATLAB 2016a.
Are you able to get anything through? If not then there might be a firewall or VPN difficulty in reaching the site.
The course uses its own grading script. It is likely it is using functionality that did not exist in previous versions of MATLAB.
You could try reaching out to the instructor using the support forum inside the course.

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Answer by ibrahim saad on 27 Jun 2019

I have the same problem and tried some solutions but all failed.
do found the solution for this problem?.


That was exactly I did when I couldn't a solution.
Thanks Cris

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